Are the French Descended from the Lost Tribes?

The people of France are a mixture of various peoples and tribes who settled there during a very long period covering over 2,500 years. Among those tribes, we find evidence that portions of the tribes of Israel were there in ancient times, becoming part of the present make-up of the people.

The famous Roman geographer, Claudius Ptolemy, in his Cosmographia Tabulae drew maps of the ancient world about 125 A.D., showing where nations and tribes were located in his day. In his map of Gaul, we find the tribe of "Semnones" listed in south-central France. The similarity of this with the Biblical tribe of "Simeon" is striking.

It is well-known that scholars consider it a certain that the tribe of Simeon disappeared from Palestine long before the Babylonian and Assyrian conquests. Where did they go? Historian Johannes C. DeMoor of the Netherlands wrote concerning this Israelite tribe: There is "a hidden wordplay in Genesis 49:5, 'Simeon and Levi are brothers, weapons of violence are their trade.' The derivation of 'mkrtyhm' from the root 'mkr; 'to trade,' renders it likely that originally 'makir' simply meant 'trader' (later Hebrew 'moker'). This would make the Simeonites traveling salesmen which might offer another explanation for their later disappearance" from Palestine. In other words, the Biblical tribe of Simeon engaged in trading expeditions and sailed away from the Mideast in very early times. Even after several centuries they could still be located on Ptolemy's map!

There is also very good evidence for the tribe of Reuben settling in France.

One of the earliest scholars to trace the lost tribes of Israel to France was the French Huguenot writer Jacques Abbadie, who fled French Roman Catholic persecution and later settled in London, England. In his important work, The Triumph Of Providence, (1723) he wrote, "God opened, as one might say, the tomb of the Ten Tribes by the conversion of the Northern Peoples...Certainly, unless the Ten Tribes have flown into the air, or been plunged into the center of the earth, we must look for them in the North, and in that part of the North, which at the time of Constantine was converted to the Christian faith...The Ten Tribes have since seen conversion into Christian nations, which they are, having thousands of God-fearing ministers in their midst, a people marked by physical possession of the Gospel as servants of God, and reunited with many of their brethren of Judah in the Christian church. This explanation allows us to see the historical fulfillment of the prophetic picture in the Gothic warriors, prepared for conquest, destined for empire, and ancestors of the tribes who inhabit this nation [France]."

-- Jory Steven Brooks

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